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Posted on January 26, 2024
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*Social Worker I/II
(I) 40B : $22.29 – $27.10/hour
(II) 42B : $24.55 - $29.84/hour
Performs basic social services casework; identifies client needs for more intensive casework services and provides referrals; carries a caseload of moderately difficult cases; manages a caseload of increasingly difficult cases; and performs other related work as assigned.

Working under close supervision, Social Worker I is the entry/trainee class in the professional Social Worker series. Employees in this class are learning casework methods, procedures, policies and carry a limited non-complex social services caseload under close supervision and receive in-service training; are given close and constant supervision while learning social work principles, social service programs, basic case work methods and techniques, and departmental rules, regulations and procedures. Typical assignments are within child welfare and adult services programs; however, at the agency's discretion positions may be assigned to employment services to perform social services case work for employment services clients as required by department needs. As requisite skill and knowledge is developed, greater independence and the full scope of responsibility is exercised. Unless a position is permanently allocated to the Social Worker I level due to the nature of the work, employees are expected to advance to the Social Worker II after one year of satisfactory performance at the trainee level.

*Social Worker III 44C: $27.44 - $33.36/hour
Under general direction, the Social Worker Ill carries a difficult caseload involving the determination of need for basic social services functions for applicants or clients; performs social studies and assignments involving individualized treatment and specialized application of casework methods and skills; provides comprehensive casework services of a tangible nature; and performs other related work as assigned.

Social Worker Ill is the advanced journey level in the Social Worker series. Incumbents are normally assigned a selected caseload of the more difficult cases and when needed are given supervisory consultation in development of treatment plans. They may also be assigned to a specialized function requiring a high degree of perception such as a special problem caseload or they are assigned to a specific geographic or functional area such as Court Investigations, Family Maintenance/Reunification, Emergency Response, Child/Adult Protection, or Foster Care. A Social Worker Ill may act as a lead worker to other social service workers. Incumbents are expected to work independently.

Social Worker Ill differs from Social Worker II in that the former receives the more difficult assignments requiring greater skill and depth of job knowledge in assessing problem situations and formulating plans for services. Incumbents normally work with a high degree of independence of action in administering services and in making use of agency or community resources. Social Worker Ill differs from Social Worker IV-A/B in that the latter is the most experienced worker and requires both advanced education and social work experience.

*Social Worker IV 47: $30.61 - $37.22/hour
Under general direction, the Social Worker IV A/B performs casework of an advanced nature dealing with complex individual and family problems; undertakes intensive treatment plans and counseling requiring professional knowledge and training; performs other related work as assigned.

*Social Worker IV A/B requires a Master's degree and social work case management experience in a public or private social services agency. This is the highest non-supervisory level in the series. Incumbents perform casework requiring the application of high level and sophisticated social services expertise and techniques, generally in areas such as adult and child protective services.

The MO patterns of the SW IV-B mirror the patterns for the SW IV-A. The distinguishing difference is that the SW IV-B requires one additional year of experience from what is required for the SW IV-A.

Social Worker IV differs from the next higher class of Social Worker Supervisor I in that the latter is the first supervisory level. Social Worker IV differs from Social Worker Ill in that the latter does not require both a Master's degree and qualifying experience.

*Chief Deputy Auditor/Controller 41B : $25.17 - $30.60/hour - Under direction, the incumbent will assist the Department of Finance in planning, and performing accounting, financial reporting, budgeting and auditing activities for the County. The Chief Deputy Auditor provides technical and administrative assistance to the Director of Finance in the coordination of departmental activities; and performs difficult and complex accounting work within the office.

*Deputy Sheriff Recruit – Bear Valley Only DSA 41 : $23.49 - $28.57/hour
JOB DESCRIPTION: Alpine County is recruiting for the position of DEPUTY SHERIFF RECRUIT in the Alpine County Sheriff’s Department. The class of Deputy Sheriff Recruit is the beginning career ladder of the law enforcement classes. The position is a non-sworn, civilian training classification to be used while incumbents are attending a certified Peace Officers Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) Basic Police Academy. The P.O.S.T. approved academy, as described in and required by Section 832 of the California Penal Code, consists of intensive instruction on law enforcement procedures combined with rigorous physical training. Upon satisfactory completion of the academy training, incumbents may be sworn in as peace officers, appointed to the Deputy Sheriff I classification and begin a probationary period, including completion of a Field Training Program. Currently the essential functions of this position include, but are not limited to the following: attend and successfully complete the basic Police Academy; prepare for the position of Deputy Sheriff I, including obtaining a working knowledge of the basic principles of law enforcement, public safety and personal security; and participate in a standardized Field Training Program.

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